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Quick Fact about Leader-Tech

Leader-Tech Electronics (Shenzhen) a total solution provider in China,we focus on providing Flex PCB,Rigid PCB,Rifid-Flex PCB,QTA manufacturing and assembly,we offer one-stop for customer from engineering support to prototype development through final volume production

Founded 2004

Rigid PCB,Flex PCB,Rigid-Flex PCB,Quick Turn Around,Assembly

Revenue: $122M in 2016

2800 employees

Sales/Support Offices in North America, Europe, Japan & Taiwan

Manufacturing Centers in Shenzhen and Huangshi, China

˜1.4M Sq.ft./month manufacturing capacity

˜750K Sq.ft. manufcturing space

2016 listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange New No. 3 Platform

June 20, 2017 signed agreement to set up an 36KK/month COF manufacturing site in Pizhou, Jiangsu Province

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